Assisting Injury Victims is Victoria Blatterman Profession

Victoria BlattermanVictoria Blatterman has lived in Charleston, South Carolina her entire life. As a result, she has a strong passion for helping her community. That is her main motivation for doing what she does for a living. Victoria Blatterman graduated from Ashley Ridge High School in the city, she went to college there and even spent three years as a special education teacher for the state of South Carolina. She has always wanted to help people who needed her talents, which is why she finally decided to go into the law, as a law clerk at the Anastopoulo Law Firm in Charleston.

When someone has been seriously injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, they shouldn’t have to pay to get well again. Victoria Blatterman believes they deserve to be compensated for every bit of healthcare they need to get back on their feet. It wasn’t their fault they were injured, so they should be compensated for lost income as the loss of their ability to make a living if that is the case. They should also be compensated for any physical therapy and rehabilitation they need, as well as nursing care for the rest of their lives, when that is appropriate.

Law clerk Victoria Blatterman

Victoria BlattermanSince early 2014, Victoria Blatterman has been honing her skills in the law profession, acting as a law clerk for two South Carolina firms that have discovered help within her expertise. After a decade of work as a sailing instructor and race coach as well as another three years serving as a special education teacher, Blatterman moved into law. It was May 2014 when she began with Charleston-based Anastopoulo Law Firm as their law clerk. She remained in the role through August 2015. At that time, she moved to George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers in the same type of position where she has remained since. Over more than three years, Victoria Blatterman has grown immensely in the industry and aids new clients, new cases and new attorneys regularly.

The Legal Voyage of Victoria Blatterman

Victoria BlattermanIn her working role as a law clerk with George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, Victoria Blatterman plays a critical role in a great many cases in which people need help to recover from their injuries, as well as to recover for their injuries and other damages from the people who are responsible for the accident that felled them. She helps the firm’s attorneys maneuver through the legal red tape and deal with insurance companies to get the best possible recovery for clients and she also helps clients arrange the assistance they need to rebuild their lives and recover from their serious injuries.

Among other things, Victoria Blatterman plays a key role in helping injured clients account for their damages and losses, including medical bills, lost wages and other lost income and help them deal with the insurance adjusters and the other side’s attorneys in a way that should bring them the best possible settlement or the best possible verdict, should the case ever have to go to court. Prior to her time at the Sink Law Firm, she also spent time at the Anastopoulo Law Firm.

It is perhaps Victoria Blatterman’s background that makes her well-suited to being a law clerk with a passion for clients. She was born, raised and has always lived in the Charleston, South Carolina area. She graduated from Ashley Ridge High School when she was a teen, then went to college. She followed that up by spending three years as a special education teacher for the state of South Carolina beginning in 2010, all before she decided to go into the legal field, so she could do even more to help people.

Law Clerk Victoria Blatterman, Fighting for the Injured

Victoria BlattermanThese days, Victoria Blatterman can be found at George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers, a personal injury law firm in Charleston. South Carolina, where she works as a law clerk with a firm whose mission is to fight for those who have been seriously injured or disabled in any type of accident through no fault of their own. When someone has been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, they shouldn’t have to pay to get well again. They deserve to receive all of the healthcare they need to get back to work and they should be compensated for lost workdays and lost income. That is why victims of accidents need legal help. No one should have to deal with insurance companies and parties with deep pockets and lots of lawyers all by themselves.

By way of background, it is true that Victoria Blatterman is a Charleston, South Carolina native, having been born and raised there. Following graduation from Ashley Ridge High School, she went to college and followed that up with three years as a special education teacher. That happened from 2010-2013. She decided on a career in the law because she wanted to help people and that is why she became a law clerk with the Anastopoulo Law Firm.

Now, she is with a different law firm, but Victoria Blatterman still wants to help people who are injured. With the highly skilled attorneys at the George Sink PA Injury Lawyers, she has helped a great many people in Charleston and elsewhere in South Carolina get the best possible compensation for their injuries and damages. The firm has been doing this for more than 35 years and they have helped thousands. With Victoria’s help, they will continue to help clients get the most compensation for their physical injuries and their emotional pain and suffering.